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Cover of the first issue, which will be premiering soon.

Of Partners and Updates

Can I please be the first to say I love developing ModernMo? Literally, what started out as a mental exercise in branding and marketing has led itself to becoming the pride and joy of my each and every day. Sure, our Facebook page has got no more than 85 fans, and sure, our Twitter is not super active yet, but every new fan and follower won over puts a little flutter in my heart for what I know will be a great vehicle for empowering our queer youth. I’ve been drafting and revising organizational structures and budgets. It’s a pretty easy thing to do when you’ve got tons of imagination and no large funding yet lol! #ShamelessAndTransparent.

Cover of the first issue, which will be premiering soon.

Cover of the first issue, which will be premiering soon.

Also, can we talk about how we have some freaking fantastic partners?! One of them, the Institute for Youth Leadership Brazil (Instituto do Protagonisto Juvenil or IPJ), has come out with a cutting edge idea: Make a digital journal/magazine centered on youth! Called Revista Geração Z (Generation Z Magazine), the magazine is based in cyberspace with articles in three languages (Portuguese, English, and Spanish) and translations of the originals to come later. And if that weren’t enough, this massive undertaking was all done by volunteer labor!

I’ve been asked to sit on the editorial board, and I accepted. I’m mainly in charge of procuring and editing English-language articles, but if I’m lucky, they might let me put in one or two myself. If you’re interested in reading the magazine, “like” ModernMo on Facebook to be updated as to when it launches. #NotAsShamelessSinceItIsALegitimateSentimentButTransparentNonetheless

Other than this news, things have been looking up in the United States regarding marriage equality. Rhode Island and Delaware have joined the states that support same-sex marriage, making them numbers 10 and 11. This is very great news (as if you didn’t know), but I’m very insistent on reminding folks also that marriage equality is more than if you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it.

States that allow and ban same-sex marriage. Obtained from

States that allow and ban same-sex marriage. Obtained from


On one hand (no pun!) it means that we have the legally-recognized right to the same resources given to different-sex couples. On the other hand, it should be recognized that class, race, and gender are also parts of the dialogue and marriage frankly isn’t the answer to ending job discrimination, ending racism and misogyny in queer discourse, ending transphobia (which really deserves its own blog post), or the other issues that queers of less privilege face. Yes, same-sex marriage is a lot more than jumping the broom.

Wow, this blog post escalated pretty quickly from where it started. I was going to stop after giving our partners some face time. At any rate, I guess I’ll end on a good note: ModernMo is doing more to create quality programs. Having long since left the inner-sanctum of my head and finding home on paper and drawing boards, the Contemporary Queer program is looking pretty good. While it’s got multiple aims, the one that’s most important right now is the portion wherein we showcase amazing lgbtq activists, entrepreneurs, scholars, and otherwise inspiring queer folks that are just doing their things and making the world a better place for everyone. We’ll do blog interviews and podcasts to really allow our readers to get to know these fine folk and why they’re awesome.

If anything in this post resonates with you, leave a comment below. We’ll be glad to hear from you! #TrueStory

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