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Ivri Lider, Azaelia Banks, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Le1f

Queer Music and Artists

Ivri Lider, Azaelia Banks, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Le1f

Ivri Lider, Azaelia Banks, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Le1f

I have been made privy to some queer music and artists in the past few months and today just seemed like the perfect queer day. Why is today so queer? Well, I’m eating Cheerio‘s for lunch. And they’re dry. As in, without milk. I’m such a rebel.

At any rate, these artists are either lgbtq or feature queer subject matter. Also, Azealia Banks is featured on this list–she’s a bisexual woman. Yes, I know about the arguments she gets into for her use of the word “faggot”, but she does raise some very valid points about ethnicity and gender–points that many queer men tend to disregard. So I kept her in, if only to remind people that oppression occurs on multiple tiers in society and that the oppressed can still oppress others.

In other news, Banks has managed to literally steal the spotlight of this blogpost. But you’ve gotta hand it to her, the more she spits fire, the more people talk about her and the more her record sales increase. Smart lady.

Anyway, check out these videos. Also, leave comments and introduce me to other artists and progressive queer music! Or just share your thoughts about the ones I’ve got featured here!


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Same Love


Le1f – Wut


Ivri Lider – I Love a Boy Name Jesse


Azealia Banks – 212



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