A Modern Cup of Mo for the Contemporary Queer

Yeah, About That…

sarcasm meme gay people love meAlso known as: Shit straight people say to queer people.

 I have to admit that I kinda cringe on the inside when I hear people say things like “OMG!!! Lesbians/gays/queer people love me! ” with the subtext usually implying that the person is hip and cool and if you don’t think so then you aren’t. It’s whatever, but if you say this and I previously thought you were great to be around, I probably no longer think you’re great to be around. Just saying.

It’s borderline annoying and somewhat demeaning–implying that every gay, lesbian, or queer person has the same tastes and sensibilities and look for the same traits in a friend. In my experience, this line has been uttered in bars and clubs by straight women who want me to do shots of Jägermeister with them. The first thought that crosses my mind is usually: I just didnt want a Jägerbomb, dude… I never said you weren’t cool… But now I’m suspect…. And then I narrow my eyes in suspicion.

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